Who We Are

Signature Weddings is a branch of Alan Smith Photography, a company formed in 2001 by Alan Smith, to bring first world imagery and service to his second home, Jamaica. He is a commercial, advertising and fine art professional photographer with over 20 years of experience. Alan has over a thousand blissfully happy wedding clients and is rated by many as the leading wedding photographer in the caribbean. 

Located in Montego Bay Jamaica, we are an extraordinary and multifaceted team of 4, consisting of lead photographer, mentor and educator - Alan Smith, Second Photographer - Camala and Office Manager and Assistant - Monique.Each member has their unique role and we work together to make every job more creative and satisfying. Our main priority is you, our client, whose ultimate satisfaction is our objective.

About Alan Smith

Alan Smith, is the head professional photographer for Alan Smith Photography and Signature Weddings Photography. He was born in Canada but was brought to Jamaica when he was 1 year old. 

His Jamaican father introduced him to the cultural diversity and beauty of the island, while his Canadian mother instilled a Canadian work ethic and freedom of creative expression.

His teen years and twenties were spent in Canada, where he studied Communication Arts (Graphic Design, Illustration and Advertising) at Alberta College of Arts.  He then went on to study photography, and became the only graduate of both disciplines in the history of the school.

Jamaica always felt more like home so he moved back to the island in 2001 and hasn't looked back.

Although he works commercially and as a fine artist, he has found that wedding photography is a challenge requiring expertise in multiple photographic disciplines including fine art, fashion, product, landscape, journalism, and portraiture. He loves a challenge. 

He has the unique ability to capture genuine emotions and fleeting moments with beautiful composition and exceptional lighting, creating a story through imagery that is unique to each client. This is what sets him apart. 

Going all out for each and every one of his clients enables him to create these amazing and memorable pictures of their special day. After all, these are the memories for you and future generations to see and experience.