How To Hold and Carry a Bouquet

The bouquet is seen as one of the most vital, small detail decorations of almost every wedding...

But for some reason holding it properly is a little awkward for the bride when they are holding the bouquet, whether for taking pictures or for walking down the aisle on their big day. Fear not! We have an easy three step guide that will have you holding your bundle of flowers on your wedding day 

 Brides remember, holding  the bouquet correctly for your wedding pictures is just as important as your walk down the aisle. 

 1. Hold the bouquet in your hands, where it feels most comfortable.

 2. Hold it in front of you comfortably at waist level, angled slightly forward so that the prettiest, most focal part of the arrangement faces outward towards your groom and guests. 

 3. Always keep your shoulders back, stand up straight, keep your chin up, and try hard not to look at the floor.